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October 27, 2012
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Character's Name: Anatalia Artemis Savalas.

Character's Nicknames: Ana, Banana.

Sex and/or Gender: Female.

Righty or Lefty: Lefty.

Age: 19.

Height: 5'6".

Weight: 122 lbs.

Eye Color: Hazel.

Hair Color: Dark brown.

Skin Color: Olive.

Distinguishing marks (tattoos, piercings, scars): Two ear piercings. Black scars on right palm and left bicep from bullet wounds.

Describe physical traits in one passage: She has a lean, athletic physique, subtly muscled from swimming. Body type, slightly curvy. Good posture, shoulders rounded and in line with hips. Longish legs. Long fingers, rounded at the tips, quick from piano playing. "Cat eyes", keen, almost with a sly look, long lashes. Shaped eyebrows. Heart-shaped face, perky nose, eyes neither wide-set nor close-set, determined chin, lips quirked up slightly at right corner. Ears tend to lean out slightly at top from tendency to tuck her hair behind them. Teeth straight and white, except for a bottom incisor which is faintly behind another.  


Parents: Abaddon Savalas and Arianna Gemma Daddario Savalas.

Siblings: Ariadne Venus Savalas.

Marital Status: Single.

Significant Other(s): None. (but interested)

Children: None.

Other Relatives: Derrick Poulos, distant cousin. Ariel Savalas, grandmother. Syrena Savalas, aunt. -paste in from other bio-

Pets: Tasmania, a Siamese cat (deceased).

Friends:  Dominic Stanger, Hayley Sanswood, Katherine Hours, Jak'b Demp, Joshua Martinez, Sage Vidal, Derrick Poulos, others.

Enemies: Orcs, Eric Muller.

Relationships (other): Randal Macheck, almost an uncle-like figure, but too cold for that, Jennet McGulliganzer, respects, but doesn't really count as a friend, others.

Ethnicity: Greek.

Religion: Agnostic.

Beliefs: Keeps an open mind. More inclined to believe that there are multiple gods than that only one created everything. Doesn't believe in an afterlife, thinks that the time spent on earth is all you've got and once you're dead, that's it. Does think that if there's a strong enough emotional attachment, a spirit can linger. By the contrasting elements of those last two, obviously hasn't quite made up her mind on the matter. Believes that life starts at the moment of conception, thinks euthanasia immoral. Thinks you can do practically anything reasonable (not flying or rapid cellular regeneration or predicting the future, etc.) if you have a strong enough will.

Superstitions: If you think something bad will happen, it probably will, and if you hope too much for a good thing, it won't.

Diction, Accent, Etc: Very faint Greek accent, noticeable only on the occasional consonant  Talks forward, something gained from singing lessons, rather than back with her jaw. Think like a British person and how to do that accent, almost. Enunciates clearly, so that even when she whispers, she can be understood easily.


Education: Homeschooled by mother and father first three years, went to an all-girls school until junior high, switched to a co-ed private school. Switched again to a public high school with lower standards after parents' divorce due to mother not having enough money for private schools, thus going straight from 9th grade to 11th, and enjoyed extracurriculars in both private and public schools. Took the PSAT that year, and both the SAT and the ACT the following after taking a pre-SAT prep course online. Applied to eight colleges with renowned Fine Arts programs, got into all, but one. Went to the University of Fine Arts.

Degrees: None.

Vocation/Occupation: ex-student. Soldier/Scout/Spy.

Employment History: Lifeguard at a beach for two summers.

Salary: (however much lifeguards get payed...)

Status and Money: Upper middle-class. Money enough to pay tuition and some pocket money.

Own or Rent: Rented apartment (no longer uses, has no real home).

Living Space (describe): doesn't have a set one at the moment.

Work Space (describe): Same as above.

Main Mode of Transportation: Cars/walking.


Fears: Being alone in dark places, friends/family killing/hurting each other, loved ones dying.

Secrets: When she was eight, she got her first love letter from a boy. She gave it back to him after correcting all spelling and grammatical errors (and doing her best to smooth out the creases in the paper). She actually thinks breaking the rules is fun, but you'll never get her to admit it.

IQ: 141.

Eating Habits: A small breakfast, usually just a piece of fruit or something, lunch, dinner, with snacks throughout the day, a nutrition bar or cookie or something. She always has chocolate and/or coffee/tea/soda on hand during an all-nighter or intense study session, even if she doesn't touch it. She jokingly says that she could never be a model because she loves food too much, despite being in excellent physical condition.

Food Preferences: She likes vegetables, specifically carrots, green beans, and zucchini, and most fruits - bananas, pineapples, raspberries, mangos most of all. She prefers lean meats, and thus (shocking!) is not that big of a fan of bacon. She doesn't like greasy foods or things that are too rich. She loves spicy and/or seasoned foods, and will eat a Malagueta pepper as it is. She has a huge sweet tooth, and a great love of all things chocolate, but doesn't generally like caramels.

Sleeping Habits: Sometimes she has a hard time getting to sleep, especially if there's a lot on her mind, but once she's out, she's out like a log. If she had her way, she'd sleep in to eleven a.m. every day, but generally gets woken up around seven. Even when she goes to bed early, she wakes up around nine, unless someone wakes her up. She tends to nap on really long car rides or flights, unless she's excited or nervous.

Book Preferences: Historical fiction, smart sci-fi/fantasy, thrillers, she'll even indulge in a romance novel now and then, but it has to be very well-written. Among her favorite authors are Luis McMaster Bujold, Neal Shusterman, Frank Herbert, and Robin Hobb. She also loves non-fiction works, specifically about nature and the way people think.

Music Preferences: She'll listen to anything, and among her favorite playlist, you'll find practically every type of song. Her favorite bands, composers, and singers are: RED, My Darkest Days, Lea Michele, Darren Criss, Carrie Underwood, Fireflight, Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore, and many, many others.... Some of her favorite songs are: Without You - the Glee cover; Illusion - VNV Nation; Set It On Fire - My Darkest Days; Fucking Perfect - P!nk; Get It Right - Lea Michele; This is War - 30 Seconds From Mars;  Prayer of the Refugee - Rise Against; and many, many others.....

Groups or Alone: She likes being in groups, but much prefers being alone when she wants to think.

Leader or Follower: A little bit of both, it depends on the situation and the people.

Planned Out or Spontaneous: Again, a mix. However, if it's for something serious, she very much prefers planned out.

Journal Entries (do they keep one?): Not really. She does have a tumblr which she'll put personal posts on, but she isn't very consistent with it.

Hobbies, Recreation: Swimming, both speed, endurance, and pleasure; reading; hanging out with friends; studying; Tumblr; Facebook; Pinterest; listening to music; playing guitar and piano; singing; composing/writing songs; writing short stories; biking; roller blading.

How Do They Relax: Listening to music; reading, especially next to water; just lounging around.

What Excites Them: Going to/performing in a concert; discovering cool facts; taking risks.

Pet Peeves: If you're around her, you HAVE to have good manners, or she will be ON YOU about them. She hates it when things are disorganized, and when people use incorrect grammar. She has a particular loathing of 'txt talk'. And she likes things to be cleancleanclean and neatneatneat. (*cough*perfectionist*cough*) She finds chipped nailpolish to be aggravating.

Prejudices: Singers who use Auto-tune; 'miracles'; people who she thinks don't try hard enough.

Stressors: (I'm assuming this is things that stress her out) Multiple people talking at once, noise when she's trying to focus on something, people who don't listen, people who repeat themselves.

Obsessions: Music, swimming. Getting good grades. Pirates of the Caribbean, Supernatural.

Addictions: Music.

Ambitions: Get an album produced. Get the war resolved before more blood is spilled. Become advanced in all kinds of combat. Learn how to play more instruments. Master the Mer Enchantment Singing Thing.

As Seen By Others: Others view her as pretty, athletic, fairly kind, compassionate, resourceful, good moral values, talented, and intelligent, but she can be annoying, stubborn, hold grudges over ridiculous things, condescending, and sarcastic. The sarcasm can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how much it is so and who's it with. Her sense of humor is such that some find her mildly creepy. She can be aloof, and very suspicious. She's very secure in who she is, and comfortable with that, confident. She enjoys pestering others. When she does something wrong, and she knows or finds out that it was so, she has no qualms about giving straightforward apologies, whether in public or not. She knows when to press if something's wrong and when to back down. She can be both withdrawn and wildly free. All-in-all, an interesting girl who can be both mature for her age and immature, but caring, once you get past the cold front she puts up for those she isn't sure whether to trust or not.

As Seen By Self: She knows that she's smart, pretty, fit, and talented, and this can lend her a share of arrogance, and she knows that too. If she thinks something's wrong, she'll either press or not, but still try to find ways to help, convinced that she can find a way to make it at least a bit better. She likes fixing things, solving mysteries. If she puts up a cold front and then finds out that the person she was freezing out is actually pretty cool, she'll turn around and kill 'em with kindness to make up for it. She gets annoyed with some of the grudges she holds and both wishes that at times she could be more trusting and less so. She's confident in herself and doesn't try to hide who she is to fit in. She thinks that she's pretty nice, but knows full well how she can get on other people's nerves.


Birth date: June First, 1992.

Time of Birth (Morning, Afternoon, Evening): 2:13 a.m.

Western Astrological Sign: Gemini.

Traits Associated with Western Sign: Intelligent, graceful, clever. Can get very stressed/nervous. Can look at people through different eyes, and can see something to appreciate in almost everyone. She needs to know things; she's passionate; she searches for mental stimulation and likes being challenged. She doesn't mind being asked to do something, but generally gets a bit withdrawn/rebellious when told to, depending on the nature of the command. She's hard to get to know initially, but softens up. She can be reserved about how she feels. She's a risk-taker. She can be very demanding. She can be slow to reveal feelings for a guy, almost playing them, but she's evaluating whether he's worth her time and attention. She very rarely truly opens up, and if she does, it's because she trusts you, and doesn't want to rick being deceived or hurt. She's adaptable. She generally won't believe something you say unless you have facts or actions to prove it. She's curious and wants a profound love, but is skeptical of love being a reality and that it can last.

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Monkey.

Traits Associated with Chinese Zodiac: Considerable talent and originality. Intelligent. Fairly cheerful and energetic, she has quite a few friends, although she only really counts a few of them as true, close friends. She has an innate tact and desire for diplomacy that can dissolve into condescension at times. She can be impatient when it comes to getting her way, but the anger usually dissolves quickly. She's curious and thirsty for knowledge, loves to absorb facts and information. She's inventive when tackling tricky situations (rather than playing the hooker required for a mission, she flirted, got the guy in the room, then threatened him with a gun and used her singing to get the required money). She's loyal and devoted to her friends. She's ardent and passionate.

Handwriting: Very neat, clean, and elegant cursive, without embellishments.

Sexual History: None, unless kissing counts.

General Health: Good. She doesn't get sick often, but when she does, it's for a while. A cold in full blast will usually last a couple of days, the sniffles and coughing lasting almost a week longer, and then the cough will linger for another two weeks, getting less and less intense until it's nothing more than an annoyance, then disappear.

Medical History: Received required vaccines as a child and through till leaving for college. Migraines. Broke her left arm at age five, falling from a boulder. Got thrown from a bicycle at twelve, getting a nasty gash in her arm with gravel stuck in it. It got infected, but healed well, and didn't scar. There were only minor cuts and bruises and the occasional broken toe until age nineteen. She got shot in the hand and arm, was strangled, leaving bruises on her neck and mild damage to her vocal cords, was thrown from a five story high building window resulting in internal bleeding, a fractured arm, broken leg, broken ribs, lung penetration, and bruises leading to a cardiac arrest but was all healed in less than an hour due to futuristic technology, and was strangled again.

Allergies: None.

Chronic Illnesses: None.

Handicaps: Migraines.

Objects Kept In...

Purse/bag: green iPod, white earbuds, Cell phone(Blackberry), wallet, a notebook, a book, a tiny mirror, raspberry flavored lipgloss, and spearmint gum.

Wallet: Money, IDs (both real and fabricated), credit card, library cards, two pens (one standard black, the other glittery blue gel), a Starbucks giftcard, and a Barnes and Noble giftcard.

Fridge: Doesn't have one atm.

Medicine Cabinet: Again, doesn't have one atm, but she does have prescription pills for her migraines and Advil.

Glove Compartment: Doesn't have one atm.

Junk Drawer: Doesn't have one atm.

Bedroom Hiding Place: See previous answer.

Kitchen Cabinets: Doesn't have them atm.

Closets: Doesn't have them atm.

Backpack: Magazines, books, CDs, iPad, chargers, gloves, cap, music keychains, five pencils in various states of use, pencil sharpener, eraser, three notebooks.

Locker: D. H. O. Atm.

Desk: D. H. O. Atm.

Clothes Pockets (Jeans, Pants, etc): A flashdrive containing her dabblings in writing and the various songs she's written/is writing in various states of completion.


Shirt Size: Medium.

Pants Size: 5-6.

Shoe Size: 7 1/2.

Favorite Colors to Wear: Red, purple, green, blue, orange, white.

Least Favorite Colors to Wear: Pink, yellow, brown.

Most Common Color in Wardrobe: Blue.

Keeps Up with Fashions: Depends on the fashion. She'll follow the ones she likes.

Favorite Shirt: An elegant, formfitting red shirt that drapes off the shoulders with black and gold embroidery.

Favorite Pants, Jeans, Skirts: A dark blue bootcut pair of jeans. A simple flowy knee-length white skirt with silver embroidery.

Favorite Shoes: Red ballet flats.

Favorite Outfit: A simple fitted red t-shirt, white shorts, red flats.

They Would Never Wear: Anything too revealing, really loud clothes.


Halloween Costumes: Doesn't recognize the holiday.

Talents: Anything music related. Swimming. Fast learner.

Politics: She finds them interesting, but doesn't vote or really take a part in them.

Flaws: Stubborn, holds grudges, not a very fast runner, prideful, can be overly suspicious.

Strengths: Rational, can see both sides of the picture, creative, kind, a fairly good actress.

Drugs/Alcohol: The only drugs she takes are the ones prescribed for her migraines. She doesn't drink as she is below the age limit.

Passwords: rapidcellularregeneration10948o, iheartmusic, ukilledmyfather, luvUh8U, applesyum, music4ever, whyisthisnecessary, AaAaAjaja8D, dudesrsly, MUUUUUSICK3, mynameisanaw00p.

Email Address, Home Page, Blogs, etc.: (personal), (school/work),, Anatalia Savalas (Facebook), lightscamerathatsrslysucked's Channel on YouTube, ThisIsAPersonomg (Pinterest), whatevsMusicheart8D (skype), doilooklikeicare7 (Netflix).

Favorite Movies: The Avengers, Mean Girls, the LOTR trilogy, the POTC trilogy, Inception, Source Code, The Perks of Being A Wallflower.

Prized Possessions: Guitar.

Time and Place: Twenty-first century, Earth.

Special Places: Coronado Beach, San Diego, California; Crete, Greece; Authentic Fish and Chips, London, England; Mirror Lake, Oregon; Starbucks, Northern California; an apartment, Killdeer, Wyoming.

Random Facts and Anecdotes and Conversations

* Caffeine makes her sleepy.

* She once went with Felix to a prison-turned-museum where the most violent criminals in the country were held. They thought it would be creepy in a fun way. There was a feature where volunteers could see what it was like in what had been the most secured cells to see what it was like, and would be locked in for a few minutes. They were completely soundproof, pitch black, and decidedly disturbing. It'd mess with your mind. It would feel as if all of those criminals, they were right there, with you. Taunting you, ghosting right behind and around you, whispering things that couldn't be made out. Ana volunteered and thus was born her fear of being alone in dark places.

* Facebook status: 'Got hit on by zombies at the park today... So, that's cool, I guess.'

* She has a strange love of sitting and lying down on top of cars, especially while listening to music.

* FB status: 'Someone come and be my cuddle buddy, please, and thank you.'

* FB status: 'My cat slept with me last night and apparently thought it'd be cool to say thank you by bringing me half a bleeding bat. In my room. Awesome.'

* She loves winter, as long as she gets to stay indoors with hot chocolate and hoodies and things. If she has to venture out into the snow, it's the worst thing to happen to the earth. Growing up in places where it's generally 70 degrees all the time = cannot deal with sub-forty temperatures.

* Her father being atheist and her mother pagan, she didn't celebrate Christmas as a child. After meeting Felix in seventh grade, he invited her to come to his house for the holiday. She found it interesting and lovely and celebrated it with them each year after that.

* If she got a grade below A, even an A-, it warranted the same freak-out and breakdown that getting an F would have.  

* "I, Anatalia Artemis Savalas, solemnly swear to you, Katherine Megan Hours, to pretend to be your lesbian lover if ever you are hit on by a guy you do not like, and in turn, you shall do the same for me."

* Joshua Martinez: Why am I holding Eric's stick?
Eric Muller: Heh. Oh, that comment....
Anatalia Savalas: Geez, Josh, lay off. ;)
Katherine Hours: omg
Hayley Sanswood: Why am I the stick...?
Anatalia Savalas: Oh, so now Josh is holding Hayley's stick. I see how it is.
Hayley Sanswood: WHAT?!!?!...I am going to hurt you for that, Ana.
Anatalia Savalas: Oh, you wish you could.
Hayley Sanswood: I know I could. ;p
Anatalia Savalas: I know that you know that you, my dear, are so woefully wrong. You can slap, but I've beaten you like FIVE TIMES already. I think that proves my point.
Hayley Sanswood: You have not beaten me merely.... Um.... iforgotthewordack D: And yes, I guess I am a good slapper.
Anatalia Savalas: Completely conquered you? Yes. Yes, I have. Do you not remember those times I had your arm twisted behind your back and you were all hunched over going, "Ok, ok, I get it, we're done, let me go, ok, pleeeeeeaseeee let go, ow, ok, I get it, stop?" ;)
Hayley Sanswood: Yes, because it HURTS when people do that. D: THat's not fighitng, Ana.O:<
Anatalia Savalas: *That's *fighting It so is. Much more so than slapping. Slapping is for GIRLS.
Hayley Sanswood: ...we are girls?
Anatalia Savalas: No, we are young ladies. Do not let them hear you speak that word or they shall descend upon us with all their condescension and sexism and the like! The horror!
Hayley Sanswood: Oh. I see. That's good, I suppose. I can't fight to save my life anyways. o.o
Anatalia Savalas: Neither can I... I can just do the twisting arms behind backs thing. ;)
Felix van Mason: holy crap, you guys. I've got like a million notifications from this thing. Take your fight about fighting elsewhere!
Hayley Sanswood: neeeeeevaaaaahhhhhh (:<

* She likes putting temporary colored streaks in her hair, wash in, wash out.

* She loves the medieval ages.

* She hates flying; it makes her feel nauseous. She does like looking out of the window to the ground thousands of feet below though.

* If you anger her or upset her, she will get back at you. That's just facts.

* She likes dabbling in writing short stories, but she never shows them to anyone.

* Her sister Ariadne is in a rock band that got a certified Platinum on one of their albums, and she's sung with them once or twice.

* Beat World Record for speed and endurance with swimming (later found out that this was mainly due to mer blood), and was approached multiple times about competing in the Olympics, but didn't, due to wanting to pursue music.
I found this new bio format on Tumblr, and had to use it. :D


Ana (c) me

Lying Reality (c) :iconjenmcgully:, :iconshirubahyuga:, :iconmerl0ck:, and me.
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Crazly Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I might have to steal some of this format ^.^

I kept seeing your a lot of your Lying Reality related art popping up and it always made me really curious about the story and the characters, so now that I actually have some free time, I've been reading some of the stuff you've posted about it. (And like: wow!:eyepopping:) The plot and the characters are very intriguing. Are you really getting it published? And there are four of you working on it together? (How does that work?)
Glorrosaelin Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oooh, do! :icondummylaplz:

Thank you! :D I'm glad it intrigues you. That's the hope, after it gets finished... We've spent so much time on it, it would be a shame not. Yup, there were four of us! One kinda vanished off the face of the earth though. Basically, we created characters and just rp the story with them, and then I use the rp as an outline for writing out the novel version. :la:
Crazly Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, that's awesome! I've never been able to keep up a role play long enough for it to be anywhere near the length necessary for a novel be to made out of it x.x
So your writing the novel version right now...?
Glorrosaelin Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, that's the hard part. :XD: We'll take several month long breaks, rp a ton for about a month or two, and then take another long break. I've tried to do the same thing with other rps, but we all tend to lose interest fairly quickly, ha.
Crazly Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have one role play that sounds like that, except our breaks are more like four months, and then we role play for a weekend :XD:
Do you role play a lot?
Glorrosaelin Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, obviously it's pretty fun if you keep going! :D
I used to, but there aren't very many people who are interested in it anymore, haha. What about you?
Crazly Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Right now I'm only actively role playing with one person (Technically I have another one on hold, and I started one with my brother in January, but he replied with a /bloody novel/ length segment, and I'm still not entirely sure how I'm going to have my character respond to that)... mostly because I'm so lazy, that I can't keep up with more than one xD We should role play some day though! =D
Glorrosaelin Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, cool! One of my brothers and I used to role play irl, but we've never actually role played role played before. That's cool that you two are sort of doing that, even if you're not sure how to respond. :XD: Yeah, we should! That would be fun. :la:
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