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October 23, 2013


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The decision was anything but spontaneous. The pros and cons had been heavily weighted, all potential effects both on herself and on others considered, how essential this aspect could be in the long run. Thorough research had been undertaken as well.

Once she'd reached her decision, she pursued it with frighteningly intense determination. But, of course, not a word of what was going on in her head was breathed to a soul and wouldn't be until she felt they needed to know.

It was all very classically Ana.

"I want you to turn me."

"Is that so?" Eric drawled. "Why? Can't stand the thought that dear Dominic's going to live forever and you're not?"

"No. I have my reasons. The fact that both mer and humans are mortal isn't one of them."

Eric leaned back against the wall, as if he were the one with the power here. "Really? Because I think it is, and I know that you know that Dom doesn't know that you're mortal. You don't want to cause him pain. Oh, you're such a dear. But it's not happening, and you're very naive if you think that it is."

Ana smiled. "You're naive if you think this is about romance. Humans are weak; it's common knowledge, and my current powers are pathetic compared to the full fae's."

"Oooh, does someone have some dominant fantasies involving the princeling?" Eric smirked. "Don't like the thought of him being on top?"

"No. I simply want to get rid of my humanity."

"But you're so much fun to play with when you're helpless."

She pressed a finger against his lips. "Not anymore, I'm not."

In a flash, their positions were reversed and Eric's the one pressing her against the wall. "Want to bet?"

Ana didn't let herself get tense and simply looked him in the eye. "You're assuming physical power is everything. All I have to do is scream or send out a mental distress call and Dom's family will have you dead before you can even think to teleport away. Same for when we're at Randal's bases, except with a lot more people. And then there's me." She played with the collar of his jacket. "All I have to do is kiss you and you'll do whatever I say. I'm playing nice by asking."

Eric's eyes narrowed. "And you're forgetting the speed of vampires. I could kill you in a split second and be gone before anyone knew."

"But I'm not dead, and you're not trying to hurt me, which says that you know how stupid that would be." She was feeling smug and didn't bother hiding it. "See how much it pays off to endear yourself to people rather than piss 'em off all the time?"

He dug his fingers into her arms, hissing into her face. "Is that so?"

"Turn me."

"Idle threats. You're too morally uptight to do anything but get your lackeys to come running, which wouldn't help your case at all." His fangs slipped out while he was talking. He was studying her neck rather than her face now.

She kissed him before he could bite her, even though kissing him filled her with revulsion and self-hate. She bent her mind on making him give to her, and tried to ignore the fact that he tasted like blood. She must be getting stronger at this whole seduction/control thing because after only a second, he kissed her back, and his hands pressed her body against his. A mental probe told her that he'd relaxed his mind's barriers. It took barely any effort to get through them and all that mental training with Mari paid off. She pulled away after seizing control of his impulses and cupped his face with her hands.

"Turn me," she whispered.

Eyes dark, motions almost robotic, he bit his wrist and offered it to her as it started bleeding.

I only need a little bit of vampire blood in my system, she reminded herself when disgust nearly bested her. She licked the blood from his wrist before she could chicken out, then forced herself to swallow. It was gross.

Eric was still standing there, face blank. Ana was just going to leave him, but then turned back quickly. "Now, you're going to find some ranking person and tell them everything you know about war plans and about all of the horrible things you've done."

"Yes, I will," he said tonelessly, and walked off.

Ana smirked. A little bit of guilt crept into her mind, asking what Dom would think, but she brushed it aside. Everyone used their powers to help them somehow; that was exactly what she just did. It was just unfortunate for her that seduction was one of those powers, or that she wasn't full-blooded mer and couldn't use her singing to control people like that. She still needed to tell him that, "Hey, I can control people when I kiss them", but she was waiting for an opportune moment.

Once Eric was out of sight, she fistpumped and did a little happy dance. All she had to do now was jump off of the rooftops or something like that to kill herself, and then her human half would be replaced with vampirism. She'd finally be able to be a major player in this game. Someone to contend with.

"'All shall love me and despair'," she murmured, and giggled with glee.
This is what was going on with Ana while Dom was having his little reunion with his father. She wound up slitting her wrists that night after making sure her friends were asleep, and the transition was complete by the time she left for Antarctica. So, she's actually been half-mer, half-vampire for a while now, even though her friends - if they still are her friends after everything - only like, just found out in the story. As you can see, she's a little bit power-hungry, but she got very tired of being scorned because of her human blood and not being allowed to do things because she didn't have the abilities of other fae. Being able to make guys fall asleep when she sings, bring them under her control when she kisses them, and breathing under water are all very well and good, but nothing compared to what other fae can do. So, now she has a much stronger mind (as Dom and Jay have discovered, hehe), can teleport, has inhuman strength, somewhat better senses, and quicker reflexes. Still not as powerful as a full fae, but she makes up for it with her cunning. ;p

Listened to this while writing:….

Ana and Eric are mine.

Dom is (c) :iconshirubahyuga:

Lying Reality is (c) :iconjenmcgully:, :iconshirubahyuga:, and me.
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Crazly Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
THIS IS SO FANTASTIC!! :happybounce:

I love how you portrayed her state of mind, and reasoning. And now I'm super interested in your fae ^.^
Glorrosaelin Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yaaay! :dummy: I'm glad. :meow:
I'm still trying to figure them out. :XD: They're getting craftier and more twisted all the time.
Crazly Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oooooohh Nod  I like it!
Hidden by Owner
ShirubaHyuga Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2013

Well, this is certainly an interesting development, now isn't it? Most curious indeed..

Plaguing my mind now is the question: does this make the ElfHuMer a ElfHuVaMer? :P might explain her little teleporty juice thingy actually working. Of course, the vampirism is a fairly low percentage, I'd imagine. Just a random concept which popped into my procrastinating mind.
Glorrosaelin Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Now she's part of a race which feasts on the flesh of land-dwelling people and part of a race which drinks blood to survive. I am a dummy! She's gotten powerful, and rather scary. 

Hmm... considering how you have to be turned to become a vampire, it's likely not the case. But Randal has been experimenting on his peoples, so maybe it could be. Considering how Dom and Ana are her ancestors I'd think that the percentage of her blood that is that would be like 0.001, but she'd not my character. Wink/Razz So, whatever you want!
ShirubaHyuga Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2013
Indeed she has. And then there's Dom, who despite his self-satire in calling himself 'half-blood', is entirely fine being half human :P. I actually came up with his reasoning for that.

It was just a random question that popped into my mind, not really something that would be canonically part of her vast genetic code. She might mention it to scare the daylights out of somebody for a laugh, but then again, depending on how the future she lives in goes, such a tactic might not work.
Glorrosaelin Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Indeed? Do share!

Yeah. It all depends on what happens with the fae, I suppose.
ShirubaHyuga Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013
The main premise of it would basically be that, despite their being a much weaker race than the Fae, and - assuming that most of the stuff that have now isn't a result of Fae influence - they are as industrious as they are. Or rather, tenacious. The fact that human beings are survivors, that they are still around in a world filled with all manner of Fae - despite them being in hiding - is something that he feels he may be able to admire. Plus, he saw something of the better side of humanity in his aunt and uncle, and keeps it as a tribute to them - and I suppose his real mother, despite never really actually knowing her.

I have now also thought of the random idea that, if he were to replace his human genes with another Fae race that can turn people (so far as I'm aware it's only Vampires and Werewolves), he might actually go with the Werewolf instead. Because being an Elf he's already more in touch with nature, so being something of a part beasty race would make sense. I don't know, I'm just rambling now.

And in further ranting, I like to entertain the fantasy that this will become the next big fandom after it is out.
Glorrosaelin Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That makes sense. Ana does share his view that it's admirable, but she'd rather admire it while being able take enemy fae down physically and mentally rather than just mentally. She thinks she's obligated to do whatever it takes to protect humanity and knows she's best able to do that by getting rid of her own. ;p She'll definitely respect his opinion, but likely will find it quite strange that he doesn't want more abilities. 

Vampires are dead too, so they have like no connection with nature.

Me toooo. It's always either that or the crippling fear that people will be like: "Really? That's your plot? Lame. Your characters? LA-AME. Your writing? Puh-lez. GTFO."
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